We've missed you all and we're really excited to announce that we'll be re-opening our doors on Saturday 1st August. 

Please read on to find out about our revised opening plan.

We won't be able to handle the volume of traffic that we need to make opening as usual viable. In light of this we have installed an electronic door entry system on the side door and will be changing our opening hours to the public and also the access arrangements for members. All hours are subject to change as the opening evolves.

Revised Public (Walk In) Opening Times:

The wall will be staffed on the following days/times and we are open to the public for non-members and for people looking to sign up to a membership.

Tue: 2-8pm

Thu: 2-8pm

Sat: 2-8pm

Sun: 2-8pm

Please note that due to limited capacity at the wall, we may have to impose time limits to sessions and you may have a short wait to climb.

Members Access

Access will be via an electronic door entry system, information on accessing the door entry card will be sent directly to members early next week. 

There will be a small refundable deposit of £8 required to collect your key card.

We will be honouring the old hours that members signed up to and EXTENDING some of the hours. However the centre may not be staffed during this time.

Monday: 7am-9.30am

Tuesday: 7am-9.30am & 12-10pm

Wednesday: 7am-9.30am & 12-10pm

Thursday: 7am-9.30am & 12-10pm

Friday: 7am-9.30am & 12-10pm

Saturday: 7am-9am & 12-10pm

Sunday: 7am-9am & 12-10pm

Private Bookings

We are going to be opening the wall for Private Use to individuals, groups of friends and families in the hours that we are closed to members (so most mornings and the bulk of Monday). Bookings can be made by calling the office on 01433 424164. Wall rental is £35 for the first hour then £20 p/h. for up to 6 people.

Kids Clubs

This is currently on hold until we have clear guidance from the government about how we can open these further.

Toddler Group

This is currently on hold until we have clear guidance from the government about how we can open these further.

Covid-19 Precautions:

We are following all of the relevant guidance to opening, however we will be opening with the following main key points:

Restrictions on numbers: 

Detail are yet to be confirmed but we will be looking at allowing access to between 6-8 people, so approximately 2 per bay. This will be monitored by reception staff during opening hours, for members accessing out of hours, this will need to be monitored by members themselves, we welcome a reasonable use policy and understanding between members to give everyone a fair opportunity to climb. You may have to wait, should there be a particularly busy period. By opening out the access times, we hope to ave created more opportunities for members to climb.

Hand Hygiene:

There will be several hand gel stations throughout the wall and members will be asked to clean their hands regularly during their session. We also encourage the use of liquid chalk with >70% alcohol content.


We are trying to keep the centre fresh through increased and improved ventilation

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