External Instructors

We welcome external instructors to come use our facility with their guests and clients.

Instructors must undertake the following registration process before attending as an instructor and bringing their own clients to the wall as an instructed group.

Before arrival/annually:

1. Register as a wall user

2. Register as an instructor and upload documents

Upon arrival with group:

Download form and pre fill, or complete upon arrival:

Complete a paper form upon entry with details about guests 

Instructor Registration Details

The instructor must hold CWA, RCI, MCI, WMCI or Guide Carnet. They must hold current public liability insurance in respect of their instructor's role. We require copies of the relevant documentation (qualifications, insurance and first aid), which will be kept on file for 1 year and reviewed or redone following significant changes.

External instructor registration forms will be kept on file ensuring that the registered instructor agrees to the conditions of use and rules of the centre including confirmation of the external instructor agreement. The validity of the ‘instructor registration’ will expire on the date that either the first aid certificate or insurance document expires (whichever is soonest).

We will update the system whenever a photocopy/emailed photo of a more recent document is provided. This can be done anytime in advance of the visit. It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that they have the relevant documentation with the centre before they visit.

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