WALL NEWS : Week Commencing 20th January 2020


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Week Commencing 20th January 2020


Parent & Toddler Group CANCELLED FOR THIS WEEK. Back on 27th Jan

Kids Club Age 5-8: 5.30pm (PLACES AVAILABLE)

Kids Club Age 8-12: 6.30pm (PLACES AVAILABLE)

BLACKS 6C-7C getting set today by Percy

REDS being re-set today by Oli

Tue: 12pm-9pm 

Wed: 12pm-9pm 

Thu: 12pm-9pm

Fri: 12pm-9pm

Sat: 12pm-9pm

Sun: 12pm-7pm


Our next event is on Feb 28th. The Brit Rock Film Tour coming to Bamford. Get tickets here:



Nothing exceptional this week.

Route Setting

On Monday 20th Percy Bishton is setting our new Black circuit, 6-8 problems in the 7a to 7c range. For those who like something a bit more friendly Oli is resetting the Reds in the 4 to 5 range.