Adult Beginner Coaching Courses

Our Adult Beginner Bouldering and Coaching Courses run in 6 and 4 week blocks respectively, and are designed to not only introduce new people to bouldering, but to develop individuals skills through a series of evening sessions.

These run for an hour every week, on a Tuesday evening.

Beginner Bouldering Course: 6-7pm

This runs from 6-7pm and is aimed at complete novice climbers (having never climbed, or very new to using climbing walls).


Block start dates (currently due to be running in Autumn and winter only):


- 8th November 2022 Followed by 10th Jan

Over the 6 week course, we will be covering various areas of climbing performance. Including, but not limited to; warm ups and basic use of the wall, basic movement techniques, route reading, steep ground movement, intermediate movement such as flagging, toe/heel hooks, palming.

The course is intended to be completed in total, and sessions will be progressive, increasing in complexity over the duration. The sessions cost £85 for the 6 week block and we will take up to 6 participants in each coaching group.

Instructors will be experienced and qualified RCI/MCI instructors and will have attended the Mountain Training Foundation and/or Development Coach Training courses.

Places are on a first come, first served basis and can be purchased here:


Open (Adult) Coaching block

Adding onto our Beginners course is our Open Coaching block. These are sold in 4-week blocks, and run 7-8pm on Tuesdays. They are a great progression for those who have just completed the Beginner Bouldering Course or for those who are still quite new to bouldering, and looking for a fun, guided social climb with a qualified instructor and coach.

These sessions will be facilitated by one of our qualified coaches, and will have an aim for each session, but are not sequential. This means you can book and join at anytime, without missing out on vital content from previous sessions like you would from a Beginners Course.

So if you would like to improve your climbing, meet some likeminded climbers, learn some new skills and techniques, and have a great time, this is the session for you.

Open (Adult) Coaching: 7-8pm

Next block starting: 8th November followed by 6th Dec

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