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Betastick Evo Clip Stick

Betastick Evo Clip Stick

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 The Beta Stick Evo brings together the functionality of the original with an improved feature set for enhanced performance. Designed for remote clipping, the telescopic pole makes it easy to attach and remove a quickdraw from a bolt; the ergonomic, angled head features a dual position spring that securely retains the carabiner, optimises gate opening and releases smoothly. In addition, it has an integral hooking feature for rope retrieval. 

Setting a new bar for Beta Stick, the Super Standard version is more compact and offers more reach than its predecessor. Versatile and durable, with a new pole design and secure locking mechanisms, it'll be a standout addition to any sport climber's kit.

  • Telescopic pole with a stiff and durable construction
  • Secure locking mechanisms
  • Ergonomically angled head with dual position spring
  • Securely holds a carabiner with the gate open for clipping and releases smoothly
  • Compatible with wide range of snap gate carabiners – both solid and wire gate
  • Capacity for lasso clipping and quickdraw removal
  • Integral hooking feature for rope retrieval
  • Clips to harness for 'bolt-to-bolting'
  • Stows down neatly for easy transportation
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